Is it Profitable to Buy Website Traffic?


There are many ways to get more traffic to their website. A quick way to get more traffic instantly is to buy website traffic. There many styles of buying website traffic, like pay per click ads, cost per view, paid reviews, paid blog placements, solo-ads ezines and, etc. You can also find other ways about paid traffic.

Some people think that paid advertising methods like placing ads on the other website is easy to be seen by customers and prospects. So it will be the way to make the visitors go to their website. I think this method is not effective anymore, and I think you will spend more money to promote this way.

To promote a product and buy website traffic, advertisers will spend billions of dollar to pay ads to get more traffic to their website. They pay more and more to get premium placement to get better place so more people see it and click the ads. Pay more will get better placement. Every click they get, which will send the visitor to their website, they have to pay every click fee. This is the same case like banner advertising and cost per view advertising. A bad thing of these ways is they have to compete in cost to getter better placement.


I will say, sometimes it works, but sometimes it won’t work. It depends on the website you choose. If the website you choose is good, it will work. And I think you will spend much money if you do this way. This is paid instant traffic, if you don’t pay for it, you won’t get visitors anymore.

The best way to get traffic is by Search Engine. Slowly, but you can get tons of traffic after a moment if you always optimize your website with backlinks. I guarantee you if you always update your website and always get backlinks for your website, your traffic will increase until the number of traffic you want. After you reach the traffic, you don’t have to pay to keep your traffic continues. The things that you have to do are update your post regularly or/and always get backlinks to your website regularly.

I recommend you to use article distribution service and use automatic social bookmarker tool to get tons of backlinks to every single post.

For Article Distribution Service, I recommend you to use Unique article Wizard.

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