Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Basic of Affiliate Marketing


Emm.. Today we will gonna talk about Affiliate Marketing Strategy. Do you know what affiliate marketing is? If you have many experience in online business, maybe you know what affiliate marketing is. In a simple word, Affiliate Marketing is one of online business which allows us to promote other people product even we don’t have any product to be promoted. There are many kinds of affiliate marketing. Here are the list kinds of affiliate marketing.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is the easiest kind of affiliate marketing. If you have a blog or website, you are allowed to put ads in your page, and every click you get from the reader of your website, you will earn money. How much can you earn every click? Em..It’s depend on the keyword of your article. You can see this kind of affiliate such as Google Adsense, Biadvertiser, AdBrite and etc.

2. PPL (Pay per Leads)

It’s more like pay per click. But if you want to get commission, you not only have to get click like pay per click but also have to send a lead or an internet browser who interests or potential customer. Example of this PPL affiliate marketing is

3. (PPS) Pay Per Sale

If you want to get commission from this affiliate marketing, you have to sale at least one items to get commission. But do you know the commissions of PPS is high about 50-70%/ sale especially It’s my favorite one. But there are also other PPS which you can trust like, (CJ), click2sell, and etc. If you join other PPS affiliate program, make sure they will pay your commission. You can browse on the internet about reputation of the PPS affiliate marketing you join or review about it.

Which is the best and interest for me?? I like better PPC especially Google Adsense and PPS especially, because they give higher commission than others. Different affiliate marketing program will make different affiliate marketing strategy.


How to work with affiliate marketing business??

I don’t want to talk too much about how it works, because if I explain using words most of you won’t understand because it’s very complicated if it’s described by words. But don’t worry..!! You can see the picture below how affiliate marketing strategies / internet marketing strategies will work for you.

Hard to be applied? Don’t worry,, you can apply step by step to build you passive income. I have some affiliate marketing strategy tips to become success affiliate marketer.

1. Target a Single Niche

Actually, you can pick more than one, but if you are newbie, I suggest you to focus with one single niche to focus. It will help you to get better success. You can research the niche by doing SEO Keyword Research using Market Samurai

2. Select Appropriate Affiliate Marketing Program.

If you only apply PPC such as adsense as you affiliate program it’s ok, no matter to be worried. You just have to choose which keywords which have high cost per click. It will determine your commission every click you get.

If you apply Pay Per Sale affiliate program, try to focus with few product. A lot of products you promote will makes you get confused to promote it and it is ineffective. I suggest to pick up one product of few products.

3. Make a professional Website

This is important to build your credibly in online business. Start through your website. What you have to do with your website? Just apply rich keywords, original and fresh content and also make sure that every your webpage will make the readers enjoy while they are reading. Do you know I have some reverence about how to create professional and high conversion web page.

4. Provide budget for website promotion

Even though you want to gain free traffic, it doesn’t mean that you need not money to promote it. It’s wrong thought. If you want to get tons of traffic, you also have to pay something, like pay for powerful website directories, join SEO service such article marketing, or purchase for some internet marketing tool like market samurai, article spinner, article submitter or the bookmarking demon (powerful bookmarking tool).

5. Get targeted traffic

It’s important to get targeted traffic. Tons of traffic is nothing if it is not targeted traffic. So How to get targeted traffic? There are two ways which I know really working. First is using Pay Per Click Advertising such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising and etc. And the second is using SEO until you get your page in the first page of Search Engine when you search the keyword you use in your web page.

6. Become a Blogger

Why I suggest it? If you have a product to promote whatever the name, you will promote the product name. But commonly name of product is not niche (only few people know about the product). So by Creating Free blog, you can drive more traffic to the product landing page by using other keywords which related with the product, or keywords which related with product functions, benefits. And then in the end of the post, you can suggest them about the products you promote. It’s Easy, isn’t it?

7. Build Email List.

Emmm… I will explain this in other time because it related with email marketing So I will discuss it next.

8. Be patient.

It’s important because most failed affiliate marketer is too easy to give up. So keep confident and keep update your post.

Okey I think that’s all for today. I hope it will help you to build you online business or online passive income. Wait other post from me. Please follow me on twitter and facebook or subscribe our post to get updated information from me. See You..!!

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